Design a brand identity for a British medical startup.


Great Britain is characterized by sufficiently conservative approach to medicine. Each person has their private physician and a clinic. All of the prescriptions are made by physicians, and you cannot run any tests in the lab of your choice or go to any clinic to get a shot. VisitHealth service allows people to receive medical services in a faster and simpler way. Using VisitHealth, you can call a doctor or a nurse for a home visit to take a blood sample, change a catheter or bandages after a surgery. The startup is useful for both B2B and B2C because its service frees up the hospitals and medical personnel and the patients can receive professional medical help at home.

In developing the signature style, we attempted to combine two things: the minimalism and sterility of a medical center, on the one hand, and the positive emotions associated with a brand, on the other, so as to offset the possible negative feelings associated with seeking medical attention. We combined letters V and H in the logo, creating a medical cross that makes the brand’s focus clear right away. It was also important to preserve the logo’s good readability in the digital environment, which serves as the brand’s main platform. Using the logo, we developed the brand identity, designed thumbnails, the concept for a mobile app, and the printed materials.


The service was launched several years ago and continues to successfully operate using the style we developed for them.

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