Moscow Central Circle line was launched in 2016. We were tasked with informing all of the city’s residents about this new type of transportation, its advantages and special terms of operations.

In our communications, we focused on the fact that people no longer have to make their trips via the city center and can reach their desired destination much faster. Out of many possible solutions, we chose the simplest visual metaphor that would be clear to every Moscow resident.

As part of the project, we developed materials for traditional media and navigation mock-ups that used specific examples to showcase the convenience of MCC’s use. We also designed the Troika and Integrated travel cards and gift souvenirs.


The campaign helped to successfully promote MCC’s launch and spread the knowledge about this new type of transportation as a convenient alternative to the subway. Every day, thousands of people use MCC hubs to get to any city district without travelling through city center. The passenger traffic has been growing with every year, and as of December 25, 2019, it amounted to 580,000 people a day.

MIMC branding