100 cities


100 CITIES is a program that seeks to transform the quality and lifestyle of Russia’s cities and creates the technology that allows other urban communities to use the program’s cases on their own, implementing them in accordance with the local scale. We had to develop the system of program’s identity with communication of the main subject, “city relaunch.”


We created a style that’s composed of modules and reminds one of well-known Soviet mosaics, one of the prominent details of Russia’s 20th century architecture. We used the “mosaic” to show what elements are used to create a good urban environment and to drive home the point that cities should be organized around people and not the other way around.

This modular style can be easily broken down into components and adapted to different media, from press walls to presentations and window dressing of enclosures.


More than 70,000 people from 154 cities registered at the platform. The program is intended for five years, and the plan is to bring together 1,000,000 people and implement more than 1,000 urban initiatives with support of the local communities.

MIMC installation