Gender holidays at Citymobil

February 23


Extend holiday greetings to Citymobil’s clients without referencing the subject of war.


Everyone has a lot of social media friends, but only one or two of them are friends in real life. The principal men’s holiday of the year is a great time to finally meet with them in real life and celebrate. On the eve of February 23, we built a website where the users could extend invitations for a meeting to their best friends.

For the project, we developed a new Citymobil holiday-themed sticker pack that was subsequently used in the messenger apps.

We wrote funny texts urging the friends to meet and designed stickers. The texts and the stickers could be combined into the letter that was sent to the friend’s social media. To make sure that the meeting took place, we gave the two friends a promo code for a taxi ride discount.


We raised the subject of male friendship instead of the standard militarized greetings, the website got excellent reception from the clients, and 1,000 men used the promo code.





March 8


Extend International Women’s Day greetings to female drivers.


For the International Women’s Day, we built a website where users could leave an original greeting and warm wishes for female drivers. Then we selected the best greetings and published them on digital billboards around Moscow and St. Petersburg. We also published the author’s name with each greeting so that their mom, grandma and second cousin once removed could be proud of the sender.


280,000 people gave high marks to our website and 20,299 men used the service so that thousands of women – and, especially, their loved one, – could see their wishes on city billboards.


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