Ride and win


In 2020, the pandemic greatly changed the perception of the cab category and transportation in general – people became afraid of "non-personal" transportation. Therefore, the brand faced a new communication challenge: to restore the lost sense of safety to cab rides. In the previous campaign, our metaphor was a comparison with home - a place where each of us feels as safe and comfortable as possible. In the current promotional campaign, we continued the theme of home and offered a real apartment.


To promote the promo, we developed communication in the direction of home comfort and revealed it as the quintessence of warmth. Playing on the association with the TV program "While everyone is at home", we made its permanent hospitable leader Timur Kizyakov the hero of our content. In order to convey a lamplight feeling of nostalgia and soulfulness, the brand communication was stylized in the 90s and filled with the maximum number of references to the show and attributes of that time.

We made a website in the style of 8-bit graphics, where the user rides a cab to his new home in the style of the cult racing game of those years Need For Speed. By making real cab rides offline, the user increases his chances of winning the main prize - an apartment.

For the website interface, 15 cinemagraphs with Timur were filmed and tips for users were made.

We also made a week-long stream for the final stage of the apartment drawing, where Timur waits 7 days, 24 hours a day for the winner to come home.

To support the campaign, we made a video in the style of 90s commercials. With a memorable jingle, references of that time in the graphics. In the video, Timur is excited and preparing to welcome the winner home.


Thanks to the effective use of digital placement channels and our creative idea, the campaign had a significant impact on brand loyalty indicators among the target audience, which was a key communication objective of Citymobil.





A trip to home