MIMC print publication

MIMC is a medical cluster that hosts the clinics from different countries. This project is unique and important for Russia because the patients can get treatment from the best experts from around the world and physicians can share experience with their colleagues.

In 2019, Moscow International Medical Cluster, together with the Higher School of Economics, conducted research into the role and system of medical clusters in different countries.

We had to develop the concept and design the printed version of research results in Russian and English.

The publication’s layout had to show that it’s not yet another boring piece of research but the know-how of the leading experts and best clusters from around the world. This is why we used structural contemporary design that helps readers to better absorb large volumes of text. We structured the research text visually, made all the right accents and thinned the text out with easy-to-understand infographics.

The cover, created in the MIMC colors, was designed using several semantically correct visual metaphors for science (molecules) and interaction of complex elements/structures (clusters). At the same time the cover looked abstract enough and wasn’t tied to any specific subjects of research.

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