Vegense. Veggie chips

About the product

Vegense are veggie and fruit chips made without either oil, lots of spices or freezing. They are a convenient and healthy snack. The vegetables are dried until they are crunchy using a complicated and unique production technology.

The company updated its product range and production process, and we had to find the right brand positioning and update the packaging for the important brand relaunch.


Together with the client’s team, we organized consumer panels, drawing the respondents from among the people who strive to lead an active and healthy life. Some of them were strict adherents of healthy lifestyle, while others were more relaxed, because it’s quite difficult to spend your whole life dieting.


We noticed that all of the respondents had one thing in common: they were worried about eating something unwholesome or slipping in their diet altogether. All of the respondents required a tried-and-true, simple instrument of control and some praise for doing everything right.


We developed the “Healthy Lifestyle Hacking” platform that reminds the consumers that they are already doing great. There’s no need to train for a marathon – it’s enough to take the stroller down the steps to burn some calories and make a small achievement. Making love or walking around the supermarket with a basket instead of a trolley also counts as sport. Moreover, if you buy Vegense instead of junk food to go with your beer – you are doing great.
Each package has some information about “Healthy Lifestyle Hacking” on the outside and inside we give praise to our customers for making a step towards healthy eating. We did this in order to engage a wider audience that includes both the experienced health nuts and those who are only beginning to watch their eating habits.


On the packaging, we decided to showcase non-professional sports. The vegetables serve as backdrop for our characters. The packaging creates a sense that Vegense chips can be your first step towards active lifestyle or an excellent addition to your healthy habits, because veggie chips without additives are, at the very least, convenient and healthy.

One of the important aspects of the packaging design is the simplicity of transferring this concept to other SKU and the brand’s other product lines. The design concept we offered created a framework that the brand can use for several years.


Vegense chips in new packaging are actively sold in stores all across Russia, and a product launch is planned for Sweden and the U.S.

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