Explainer for MIMC


A medical cluster hosting the world’s leading clinics is under construction at the Skolkovo Innovation Center. International experts will treat the patients and share their knowledge with the Russian physicians. The goal of this project is to jumpstart the process of changing medicine in Russia. Our task was to create a presentation video for the cluster’s already-built venues.


The principal idea was that everyone can influence the situation with even the smallest changes. To implement it, we used the Rube Goldberg machine as a visual method. This helped the viewers to understand the brand’s philosophy as they watched the movement and received information about each clinic. The video was shot in the cluster’s brand colors, while the objects’ materials – glass and metal – were intended to emphasize the general mood and such themes as medicine, investments, and innovations.


The video that we created was broadcasted at the Moscow Urban Forum-2019. It was praised by many potential investors and managers of the leading global clinics – and this had a positive effect on the cluster’s development.