Create a platform, naming and design of a new craft beer for office workers who can drink it after work in a bar. Make it feel like a local brand that was brewed at a nearby brewery or right there, at the bar.

As part of the Dark Market, it was important to create the packaging that would be a communication media in itself, engaging the users with the brand’s story. The customers should interact with the packaging and create user-generated content..


In developing the design, we proceeded from the insight that people are bound by certain rules in the office, both external and internal: they must wear dress shirts and keep their emotions to themselves. It is only at night, after leaving work, that you can take all the masks off and become who you really are.

We also noticed that while people drink beer, they often peel the labels off the bottles – especially when they are lost in conversation or in their own thoughts. Based on this observation, we created packvertising, when the label consists of three layers. On the first layer, we see a tired office clerk, but as we go deeper, we find a zombie who is ready for some cheer and full of drive. Now, when a person peels off a label from the bottle, they create their own design that will hold additional value because it will be their own, personal crafting.

Superstar 2020