WWF Unforgettable


There are almost no books in Russia that tell about endangered animals not in a scientific way, but in simple language. A beautiful eye-catching book about animals in Russia that you can read with children and involve them in the problem of species protection.


It’s OK to forget some things as we go about our hectic daily lives, but there are others that may disappear not just from our memory, but also from our environment, such as the various endangered species. We have created a book that helps to easily remember any information – and to protect and preserve Russia’s endangered animals.

The methods used in this book affect different areas of the brain: some of them help to remember the animals’ images, others enable us to better remember names and facts, while others still bring our attention to the specific details of the animals’ appearance or behavior. Each of the 25 animals was drawn by different famous Russian illustrators in their own unique style. The different appearance of the illustrations makes it easier to remember every animal.


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