Citymobil for buisness


After a lengthy lockdown, Citymobil wanted to support Russia’s small businesses because once upon a time, the brand itself was a small startup and knows firsthand about difficulties of building a business. It’s often hard for a small business to be seen by the residents of a large city, to successfully survive relentless competition, and get through to their target audience.


Citymobil For Business was about helping the entrepreneurs stand out. The bright yellow cars of the service’s partners cover great distances around major cities every day and we can help entrepreneurs showcase their business. In time for the Day of Russian Entrepreneurship, Citymobil launched the Make Way For Small Business initiative. The company published the ads of private entrepreneurs on its taxi cabs free of charge.

To participate in the project, small businesses had to come up with a creative slogan for the company and fill out an application form on the project’s website. The best Citymobil For Business slogans were placed on the cars of the service’s partners in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, and Nizhny Novgorod. The ads appeared on several hundred taxi cabs all through the summer. Each slogan had a taxi ride in excess of 7,000 km around the cities.

We also created the project explainer hosted by the B2B Sales Director Oleg Akchurin who congratulated the entrepreneurs on the occasion of their professional holiday and explained the project’s rules.