Superstar 2020


For Moscow City Day, adidas released a limited-edition version of the legendary Superstar trainer dedicated to the Russian capital. However, the product was not the focus of this campaign. The brand decided to support the local entrepreneurs and ran an outdoor advertising media campaign around the city together with cafes, tattoo studios, barber shops, vinyl stores, and so on. If the user went through all the locations and checked in with the adidas app, they would receive a limited-edition adidas Moscow T-shirt. Our task was to develop the identity and all the creatives for this campaign.


We took the iconic elements of adidas – the three stripes, the Superstar sole – and made them into a map of Moscow with its rings as well as a pattern template. We used color to separate this campaign from the original Superstar communication to emphasize the uniqueness, finiteness, and festivity of this campaign.

The creative ideas we developed adapted perfectly and fit well with both the standard OOH formats and the branded media within the establishments as well as the landing pages and small print materials. Thousands of users went through the adidas quest in the app, and 15 local entrepreneurs saw scores of additional visitors at their outlets.

We also created the project explainer hosted by the B2B Sales Director Oleg Akchurin who congratulated the entrepreneurs on the occasion of their professional holiday and explained the project’s rules.

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