KFC. Eco bucket


KFC does a lot to make its restaurants and products as environmentally friendly as possible. However, very few people are aware of the brand's green initiatives. Our task was to develop a campaign that tells the story.


We took the canonical elements of the brand - a bucket and a chicken leg - as a basis. The bucket looks like a pot for herbs, and the chicken leg looks like a tree. That's what we used for visual communication. On the website, we talked about the brand's three eco-initiatives (packaging, restaurants and quality control) and shared with users healthy green habits.

After eating chicken, nothing but flavor will be left behind, because all buckets are 100% recyclable. But we didn't just talk about recycling, we also talked about responsible energy use in restaurants, quality control and employee care.

The website not only explains the brand's initiatives, but also shows simple steps on how to become eco-friendlier for the restaurant's visitors. And you can also sign up for different eco initiatives by employees.

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