Develop the online store for the COSMOTHECA chain.


We developed the online store and website for Russia’s largest chain of high-end cosmetics stores COSMOTHECA. The site’s visitors can read the company blog, take a test to identify the brand or aroma that’s best for them, buy products online or find out about their availability at the nearest offline store.

Developing the unique style, layout, the rules of using photos and illustrations, we proceeded from the company’s logo and previously designed materials because COSMOTHECA had no brand book at the time.

Crosslinks became the main feature of site’s navigation. After reading any article, the users could jump to the relevant SKU that were specially selected using hashtags.


COSMOTHECA’s website became the main information platform about high-end cosmetics in Russia, relevant both to the professionals and to the regular consumers who want to dive deeper into the subject. The site not only showcases the company’s product range but confirms COSMOTHECA’s expertise and shares information about the market of high-end cosmetics.

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