Harmful advice


In the summer of 2021, the situation with electric scooters began to get out of control. Scooters were being banned or restricted. The brand needed a project that would play up the rules of riding electric scooters in an interesting way.


In the 90s, the book "Harmful Advice" by Grigory Oster was popular in Russia, which taught us to be polite and well-mannered with the help of farce, reverse psychology. So we decided to do a collaboration with the writer. Where with the help of "harmful advice" we will remind scooter users about the rules of safe movement.

To those who throw scooters anywhere, the writer advised to park it in the woods, so that the hare and the fox could ride on it, to those who like to signal children in the backs of Oster predicted a meeting with their angry fathers, and large companies that try to fit on one scooter, was offered a startup for passenger transportation.

Popular ticktockers were also involved in the project - in the videos they illustrated situations of "harmful advice". The audio track for the video was recorded by the writer himself. The activation united "zoomers" with the work of the cult writer, which is familiar to representatives of older generations.

More than 40 media outlets covered the project, and the total reach in TikTok amounted to more than 10 million users.

Ride and win