Citymobil. Kilometers of kindness


Share a simple and convenient method of making charity donations with the help of Citymobil Taxi app.


Together with Citymobil and, we created the project “Kilometers of Kindness”

A new functionality of sending money to charity funds that help their wards move around the city comfortably and safely was added to the Citymobil app, and the users could use it after completing their ride.

We created a website where anyone could see a total number of kilometers that were donated as part of the project and how this assistance lights up the city. We added the real-life stories about the charity funds’ wards and showed how such a seemingly small thing as a taxi ride can help make people’s lives simpler and safer.


The users donated over 650,000 kilometers of taxi rides. We were able to spread the knowledge about the problem of taxi inaccessibility among millions of Russians. The project helped to increase the overall use of taxi service and made Citymobil stand out from its competitors, making it a preferred method of travel for many. After the project’s principal part was completed, “Kilometers of Kindness” became a permanent feature of Citymobil’s app.

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