A trip to home


In 2020, we had to grapple with the idea that the only travels available to us are the trips home. Citymobil taxi service decided to offer a special discount for rides home and our task was to support the initiative with a special promo campaign.


During the pandemic of 2020, we proposed that one can travel not just to other cities and countries, but also around one’s own home, rediscovering it in the process

We called this country Houseland and dedicated a whole website to it. The site presented a map of the island where the visitors could travel from one room to another. The users could read about amusing features of each “city-room” and even send themselves postcards. Just like they would from an actual vacation.

The postcards with vintage-style images shared information about the cities’ various landmarks.

Several special project on relevant media platforms were developed in support of the campaign.


Over the month that the campaign lasted, the site received 105,738 visitors. The campaign’s excellent results prompted us to create the second part of the project and raffle off an apartment. But that’s a different case story.

Citymobil. Kilometers of kindness